Rates – Arvada & Morrison

Programs are available at a cost of $10 per 45 minute class. Programs range from 7-12 weeks, depending on vacations and the like. Late enrollments may be possible, depending on availability of spots. First class is FREE for all new registrations.

Drop in classes

Drop-in classes MAY be possible, subject to availability.  Classes are $14 each, and require advance bookings to confirm availability.

Cancellation Policy

Program purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Make-up classes may be possible, but are subject to availability. If entire programs need to be cancelled, refunds will be provided in full.

Rewards Program

To encourage you to share the benefits of multi-sport training for kids, we also have a great rewards program for referrals.  Simply tell your friends, family and neighbors about our program – if they sign up, then we’ll give you a $8 credit to say THANKS!  The more people you refer, the more we will reward you. To redeem your reward/s, the credit will be in your account to apply as a discount on your next purchase. Please note, class fees cannot be redeemed for cash.

Rates – Evergreen

Programs in Evergreen are run at Wulf Recreation Center and various district elementary schools.

Rates - Wulf Recreation Center
6 week programs at Wulf Recreation Center cost $60 for District Residents or $72 for non-District Residents.  Programs must be booked through Evergreen Parks and Recreation District at www.evergreenrecreation.com.
Rates - After School Enrichment Program
Programs cost $60 for 5 one-hour sessions. Programs must be booked through Evergreen Parks and Recreation District at www.evergreenrecreation.com.
Cancellation Policy
Evergreen programs are subject to the same policies as other EPRD offerings, that is, no refunds or cancellations are permitted. In addition, make-up classes are not possible.
Rewards Program
As Evergreen classes are program-based and booked through Evergreen Parks and Recreation District, the rewards system works a little differently here. If you are enrolled in an Evergreen program, you are welcome to attend a free class at either Arvada or Morrison for every referral you make. Simply let us know who you have referred and where/when you’d like to take your class, and we’ll book you in (subject to availability).