Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does Colorado Ball Sports only offer multi-sports programs?
There are many reasons but the best one is it is the best thing you can do you for child. Science says so. All the evidence says so. The facts all make it clear. Just check out your favorite sports superstars- chances are they are multi-sports trained- it is what sets the best apart from the rest. Multi-sports is scientifically proven to be the “best practice” for a child’s physical education. There is no better way to help your child in sports. We teach 10 sports in 1 program so why would you limit your child’s development playing just one sport- when we teach ten? All of the skills we teach enhance your child’s overall ability and so when they are ready to focus on their favorites all those skills combine to set them apart.
Do the children play 'REAL' ball sports?
Yes. Basketball, soccer, baseball, flag football, field hockey, volleyball, bowling, badminton, tennis & golf are just some of the sports we’ll use to teach your child how to throw, catch, kick and strike all types of balls, as well as enhance their agility, balance and coordination. It is important for children to learn fundamental movement and sport skills, before they venture into a team sport environment. By enhancing their gross motor skills first, they will have a head start in their sporting development. FACT: “Children who participate in multi-sports activities are more physically fit, have better gross motor coordination than those that specialize in one sport” 2012 OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY
My child already plays soccer - and he doesn't want to play anything else.
Sure, your child loves to play soccer, and that’s great.  But has he had an opportunity to try anything else?  Maybe he has never tried basketball, baseball or football, or he tried and had a bad coach or teammates. Do not be afraid to try again, because playing other sports can help him become a better soccer player through increased agility, balance, coordination and pattern awareness. FACT: “Singular pursuit of a sport at an early age can actually have serious psychological and emotional consequences” Suransky UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS Colorado Ball Sports provides the perfect environment for your child to try a number of sports to find the ones that they really do love and will play for life. Every other sport they play with us helps them become better all-round athletes. Still not convinced?  Read this great article from US Youth Soccer, and this one from High School Sports Stuff.
Do programs run in all weather?

Colorado Ball Sports sessions are held all year round.  Each session is held indoors, so kids will be dry, safe, and have fun!  Venues will be closed for designated County snow days but, not to worry – if your class is scheduled on that day, and we need to cancel it, a credit will be applied to your account.

Can I join in the fun with my child?
Yes, you can!  Parents can participate in our programs especially with the under 3 year old age groups. Between 3 and 4 years most children immerse themselves in our programs independently so parental involvement is minimal. Research has shown that this interaction reinforces a comfortable play environment essential for children. Children learn better when modelling their behavior on that of their parents.  We recommend  someone is on hand at all sessions to lend support and encouragement. Siblings are welcome too, as long as they are supervised and do not disrupt.
My child is 3 years old. What class should I enroll her in?
At three years of age, your child may be enrolled in JOEYS or LITTLE HOPPERS, depending on her development level.  The JOEYS classes focus on basic movement and sport skills, while the LITTLE HOPPERS incorporate more complex skills and additional sports.  As you will be participating with your child, you will be assisting them every step of the way to pick up the skills being taught.  However, if you find the class is simply too challenging or not challenging enough for your child, either have a chat to one of our Coaches or contact Colorado Ball Sports HQ and we’ll find the class that’s the right fit for your child.  This also applies for children aged 4-4.5 years that may be enrolled in LITTLE HOPPERS or WALLABIES classes.
Do you have a free 'come and try' session?

Yes, EVERY new registration at Morrison or Arvada receives their first class FREE. Simply call 303-597-6164 to book your program and receive your free class.

What is the cost and can I join at any time?

Programs start at $10 per class. Drop in classes are subject to availability and cost $14 each. For all of our rates, click here.

You can join at any time, depending on availability, and prorated fees would be applied if the program you are interested in has already started. Call us at 303-597-6164 and we’ll point you in the right direction.

What happens if I can't continue participating in class?

Programs are non-refundable and non-transferable. Should the program you are enrolled in need to be cancelled, a full refund will be provided.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do. Please check and for our current offers and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we regularly make a variety of offers to our followers. We also offer members of various parenting groups exclusive discount offers too. Ask your organizer if a group discount is available or email us at if you are unable to find a coupon for your group. We offer the best rates in town for kids’ sports programs.

Why does Colorado Ball Sports have no annual membership fee?

To keep your kids in multi-sports we keep our fees down to a minimum. Our participants can enjoy the wide range of benefits of Colorado Ball Sports and receive priority registration from term to term, to choose preferred venues and sessions. We believe you shouldn’t pay a fee for that!

What’s wrong with playing one sport all the time?

The majority of studies suggest that early specialization can have significant negative consequences on the development of an athlete. These include:

  1. interference with healthy child development;
  2. psychological risk from stress associated with over-involvement and expectations of parents and significant others;
  3. no guarantee for future athletic success;
  4. hurts, rather than helps, skill development;
  5. is elitist;
  6. leads to overuse injuries;
  7. promotes adult values and interests, not those of children;
  8. increases the chances that the child will suffer burnout and quit sports; and
  9. reduces the chance that children will stay active in sports as adult.

For more details on early specialization versus multisport participation, click here.

What sports do you teach my child?
Fundamental movement skills correlating to particular sports will be introduced to your child at an appropriate level for their development.  Soccer, basketball, teeball and football skills will be introduced at the younger ages, while older children will be exposed to skills required for field hockey, tennis, golf, volleyball, badminton and bowling, as well as enhancing their soccer, basketball, teeball and football skills.  All of our activities are adaptable to suit your child’s development level.
Where do you hold classes?

We currently offer classes or programs at Apex Field House, Arvada, Wulf Recreation Center, Evergreen and The Zone @ Mountain High Christian Center, Morrison. We also have before and after school programs at a number of schools across Denver and the Foothills – all area K-5/6 grade students are welcome. Click here to find your nearest location. If you don’t see your school on our list, and you like us to be, simply email and we’ll look into it for you. We are adding new schools all the time.

Why do you play indoors?

Being indoors means Colorado Ball Sports can operate all year round, without being exposed to sun, heat, snow or rain.  It also ensures that children are less distracted, are better focused on the task at hand, and spend more time playing and less time chasing and returning loose balls.

What happens on JeffCo Snow Days?

All of our venues are currently located in Jefferson County, and are subject to JeffCo snow day closures. If you have signed up for an affected class you will receive an email or text on the morning of your class advising you of the cancellation. Make-up classes may be possible, else credits will be applied to your account.

What equipment will I need?
All you need is gym shoes and a water bottle. We provide all the equipment allowing your child to learn many sports without even the need for costly uniforms.
My child is 7. Do you have a class for him?

We currently offer classes for children aged between 18 months and 6 years at some locations, and up to 12 years at others. Our programs also run in a number of JeffCo after school programs, which are open to all elementary aged kids, whether or not they are enrolled at that particular school. Click here for your nearest location.

How do I guarantee my child a place in the class we want?

To guarantee your child a place in your preferred program, simply book and pay in advance. Classes fill fast for many age groups.

What if my child is sick or we go away on holiday or the car breaks down on the way to class?

If you need to miss a class for any reason, let us know in advance. It may be possible to offer you a make-up class during term, subject to availability.

This term, there is a public holiday on the day of my class. What happens?

Our venues are mostly closed on public holidays, therefore no class has been scheduled and your program price has been calculated accordingly.

Do you offer birthday parties or private classes?
We offer private classes, birthday parties and even offer free classes for your birthday boy or girl.  If you are interested in hosting us at your home or another venue, such as a childcare or community center, please email us and we’ll be in touch to make arrangements.