About Us

Colorado Ball Sports LLC is the brain child of Andrew and Mel Bowden. Growing up in Australia, where sport is something of a national obsession, sport has always been a large part of our lives. Somewhat surprisingly, we discovered there were limited opportunities in Colorado for our own kids to participate in sports other than soccer. While soccer is a fantastic sport, we wanted our kids to learn more than how to kick a ball, and we didn’t want to enroll them in every program or league going to enable them to do that. With a background in sport science and sport management, we set out to establish a multisport program for preschoolers that exposes them to ALL of the fundamental sports skills – throwing, catching, kicking, striking, running, jumping – that they will need to start them on the path to a healthy life. The result is Colorado Ball Sports. We are extraordinarily proud of our program and we look forward to sharing it with you and your young family.

Colorado Ball Sports. Not all physical activity is created equal.


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